April 1978
In 1978, Birmingham found itself with competing "beautiful music" stations.  The year before, WAPI-FM flipped from an "adult rock" format to take on heritage easy-listening FM WQEZ 96.5 (formerly WCRT-FM).  Dentists in the Magic City were given a choice of which station to play in their offices.  ;-)

WAPI-FM offered Music, Just for the Two of Us, a syndicated tape format best-remembered for that soothing voice heard roughly every 15 minutes before and after commercial breaks.  WELO-FM in Tupelo, Miss. also aired this same format (and voice) in the 1970s, so throughout west Alabama, young mens' fancies were liable to be two-timing.

WQEZ-FM and WCRT-AM bragged about their dominance in the over-25 demographic.  WCRT, most of us know, was a longtime "good music" station, while its FM station was a "beautiful music" beacon since the early 1960s. 

Less than five years later, Birmingham would be without a single easy-listening outlet.  WAPI-FM was first off the Otis, becoming "95-ROCK" in 1981.  A year later, the elevator came to a stop on the ground floor and WQEZ stepped off, where it reinvented itself as contemporary adult WMJJ - "Magic 96" 

Meanwhile, on WAPI-AM, "adult contemporary" music and upbeat personalities carried the day.  It was a winning combination at the 1070 spot for many years.
Bugs Bunny meets 
The Ponderosa.

Russell says: you mean a food item without gobs of breading around it?  No wonder it flopped!  (yes, Captain D's burgers were rather good)

Today, a 10-spot won't get you a steak dinner for ONE in most places.

1978 was a banner year for 'Outlaw' country
1978 also brought us a lot of "pop country":

I don't know what became of The Stanky Brown Group, but .38 Special would go on to be a headliner rock act in their own right, with several hit albums and singles in the 1980s.

Plus, he was no match for James Garner and Mariette Hartley across the street at Polaroid.

Feeny: one of the original "big three" of Birmingham's 'catalog jewelers' (the other two being Standard Distributors and Golbro)

Saturday Night Fever is showing in Vestavia.

That might be reason enough not to venture a single block south of Fultondale.

Hurry ... Star Wars is in its last week.  You'll never be able to watch this one again, so high-tail it to the Green Springs 4!

The only pre-K with your choice of original or extra-crispy care:

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