April 1958

"High Fidelity."  Just the sound of that word skips the heartbeat of audiophiles like myself.  And this was back when RCA was a proud nameplate, and made quality products.  Today, the name RCA -- no longer a standalone company -- stands for cheaply-made, often shoddy electronics.

And while we're on the topic of RCA......

RCA - which then owned NBC - also used the network's icon to promote its color sets.  The peacock design was created in 1956, and credited to John Graham. 

As for "many, many hours of scheduled color reception"?  I don't know; the only color programs in 1958 were a few syndicated shows, like Superman, and some network offerings, nearly all of them NBC shows.  ABC wasn't anywhere near having color capability, and CBS was still smarting from the FCC's rejection of its "color wheel" standard.  RCA's system got the nod, and its NBC division got to work on colorcasting. 

Of course, it wasn't entirely for your benefit.  NBC's "color spectaculars" were produced for one main reason: to sell a lot of RCA color sets like the one pictured above.

Speaking of peacocks, here's a little blast from the past...

Tonight on Channel 6, Harry Mabry and Tom York bring you 
"To Catch a Mail Predator"
"One of these days, Alice!"

...and proofreading at "its" worst.

How quaint.  Funny how few large businesses truly "believe in" home anymore.  Outsourcing is the name of the game; customer service is now handled by "convenience store workers", if you catch my drift...... 

Somehow I don't think she'll have to worry about drowning. ;-)

And since it's a Howard Hughes film, you'll get a coupon for a free pair of Kleenex-brand wingtips.

SWM washing-machine repairman seeks LTR with agitated top-loader for a rinse, and possible spinning.

Teenagers only, huh?
"Why are you carding me?" 
"Because you look 21." 
"Honest, I'm only 18."
"Then why do you have that beer in your hand?"
"Oops--um, er, then arrest me for underage drinking afterward, but I really want to see this movie!"

"INDOOR SHOPPING??  Am I paying you to daydream??  Out of my office and get back to work ... no more of your stupid, insane ideas!!!!!!!"

Channel 13's Teen Dance Party!!

7-UP: the official soft drink of Dogpatch.

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