April 1975

And with that, Mister was promoted to Captain forevermore, and they all lived happily ever after.  

The End.*

* = .....of being able to see actual fish meat within your meal.   Once he got promoted, D decided to play hide-and-seek with customers.   Somewhere, amidst all the crunchy exterior is a sliver of Pisces flesh.    Good luck, landlubbers........

The Wear House obviously catered to a rather limited demographic ... those whose legs took up two-thirds of their body.

Well ... that's certainly ... ONE way to cell CB radios ...

Added here just to torture.
You know you miss them.
As do I.

Other TV markets had been airing these reruns since January ... Birmingham finally caught up with the rest!

Les Brown on a college campus in 1975?    O...kay....

Pretty sure a lot of these students wanted more Aretha and America and less big-band music.   Did the devil make 'em do it?

Never mind, I'll take some of that tranquilizer.   Just seven years left of it until a type of "Magic" makes it all disappear.

No, it isn't just your poor memory ... most people don't remember Captain Black Cherry and Pistol Pink Lemonade with the same fondness as Goofy Grape and Choo-Choo Cherry.

Back when "Drink the Kool-Aid" was a totally harmless, child-like activity.    Except when you spilled the cherry flavor on the carpet.

They weren't so good-good-good.    You won't be back-back-back, now will-will-will you?

Just imagine that funky Rolling Stones tune playing as you read this ad.  

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