February 1974

10 years later, George is still at it.   A little more cartoony,
but otherwise none worse for the wear.

Some folks might recognize this as the
former Dixie Carlton Hotel, longtime home
of the WSGN studios.
Russell sez: It also brings to mind that other late '70s disco song in an equally bad parallel universe: "It's Fun to Stay at the YWCA" by The Suburb Sweethearts.     Ahem.        Anyway.......

It worked for a dude named Sam Walton.

If Winnie-the-Pooh had been there at the same time, it would have required police in riot gear to control the mob.
(RIGHT) Whoever modeled for this artwork should have considered entering Western Hills Mall's bikini contest ... she should have stood head and shoulders (and chest and stomach and waist) above all the rest!

(psst)   We've secretly replaced Mr. Anderson's Hammond organ with a second-hand Vox.  Will he know the difference?  Or that we've also replaced his coffee with Folger's?

This show would go on to be "da bomb."   Or would that be TNT?   Nitro glycerin?    Oh, never mind.

It wouldn't matter.   The name chosen by ultimate
popular vote for the chewable canine: DINO.

Them lucky guys Ron, Tom, Tommy & Dennis ... always gettin' the bestest jobs in town....