March 1978
Captain D's 
versus Long John Silver's.

Well, since this is 1978, this means a couple more options for "fast fish" existed: H. Salt, Esq. and Cedric's (personally, I was partial to the latter).

Any way you look at it, the fight was over little more than whose breading tasted better.  Because by the time you were able to find the tiny piece of fish underneath all the 'outside filler', lunchtime was over and you had to get back to work.

Clara Peller should've taped some commercials where she blurted out, "Where's the fish??!!"

I guess I shouldn't gripe -- Captain D's or LJS beats the heck out of that nasty Gorton's frozen stuff.

Sending your film off to get developed seems rather quaint, doesn't it?

Easter Elves?

So where was Conway appearing while Loretta was helping Woolco to be our favorite store?

(there'd be an awful mess on your monitor if these rabbits were instead made of "hunny"....)

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