September 1977

Judy's Home Style Hamburgers, for those who might not remember, was a Wendy's knock-off.  Same motif, and (I seem to recall) same square beef patty.  Judy, alas, was no match for Wendy.  Her whereabouts are currently unknown, although there are rumors that she went to law school and got appointed a judge somewhere.  "Don't put Spam on my griddle and tell me it's ground beef!"

Did anybody actually order that shirt?  And if so, did they make it through an entire school day without getting beat up?

And don't forget to stay tuned at 10:00 for Channel 42 News.
Well, why not?  Two million chirping crickets can't be wrong!

Tim comments: Might you wonder what ABC network programming WBRC was pre-empting to show Gunsmoke reruns?  Well, at 8 p.m. was Three's Company and at 8:30 was the controversial comedy Soap.  Those were apparently too spicy for the Birmingham market, so Channel 6 did its good deed by giving us Matthew and Festus instead.

(And Russell wonders what Dodge City would've been like had Miss Kitty shared a small apartment with a plain, unexciting brunette.  And for added fun, put Ken Curtis in the role of Jack Tripper.)

Big B was sellin' Elvis portraits!  Better hurry and claim yours before they're all sold out of truck beds on the side of the road!

WSGN sponsored Tom Jones?  That's right; the image doesn't lie.  (True "mass-appeal" Top-40 radio is such a quaint notion in the present day)

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