September 1967

The answer to the Daily Quiz for today is: "Go, you chicken fat, go!"

Or Robee Rogers, Roy's jealous cousin, who just had to have a piece of the action.  He lived "upstairs" in the Wagon Ho! building

Not to be confused with the soul/funk group led by George Clinton, which started out with this name.

And after the movie, why not swing by Shoney's for some fried chicken?  On second thought ... going by the cross-eyed look on Big Boy, it looks as if he's been to the State Store.  Beer-battered chicken, perhaps?  On a SUNDAY, no less.  The very idea...

Russell sez: "And I bet it would take better pictures than those disposable jokes you find at Wal-Mart or CVS.  Assuming, of course, any rolls of 120-size film cartridges can be found today."

Heck, in order to keep track of NBC and CBS programs in Birmingham, you almost had to know how to do the Charleston. 

Or the Lambada.

We're sold out of Moon Pies.  How about a Pop Tart instead?


08/31/2007 -- 1054 PM EDT