February 1977

My parents and grandparents both took me to the Ringling Bros. circus at the BJCC 30 years ago.  It was a memorable 12th birthday present.

If you were there the same day I was (Saturday afternoon matinee on February 12th), you might remember a little pomp and circumstance involving a young boy and a young girl as a "king" and "queen."  I recall some kind of drawing-of-numbers to pick the 'Circus Royalty.'

I don't remember much about it except the girl's name was Amanda and that she had dark hair.  The reason I would know this?  The KING was none other than ... yours truly

I came out of the coliseum with two lasting memories: 1) A big crush on Amanda; and 2) a cheesy rotating light with cheap batteries that'd already leaked their acid payload by the time we got back home to Mississippi!

I wonder if Pizitz had a working model of a lovestruck 12-year-old "king" in Circus Land?
I miss H. SALT.  They had pretty good fish.  What we need today is a modern-day Clara Peller in a Captain Silver's (or is that Long John D's?) peeling back multiple layers of breading, and hollering out, "WHERE'S THE FISH???"

The scary thing is, one can often find off-brand Mac & Cheese dinners for not very much more than what one set you back 30 years ago.


There are several discrepancies in this radio grid found each week in The Birmingham News "Punch" section: 

The TV and AM station listings appear to be correct; ditto for the addresses shown.  However, it appears as if the FM section had not seen any updating since at least 1969!

For starters, the correct call letters for 106.9 were WERC-FM, not WBRC; By this time it'd been more than four years since Taft Broadcasting spun off the radio stations.

Also, WCRT-FM 96.5 had already become WQEZ by this time.

Want another?  Samford's WVSU is 91.1 on the dial, not 91.9. 

And finally -- and I'll give 'em a pass here since the change was very recent -- by February 1977, WJLN 104.7 had already adopted its present call letters, WZZK.

My question is, why isn't Casper wearing the Cub Scout UNIFORM?  And where are his badges??
Oh, that's right.  My bad.  He's a ghost. 
Lemme guess - his "Pinewood Derby" car was invisible, too.  Heck, I'll bet it was nothing but the original block of wood.  But we didn't have to know that....

01/31/2007 -- 1051 PM EST