June 1976

Hmm, somebody should invent a portable
device people could take with them and watch videos and TV show
s whenever they ...

Naahh, it'd never sell.

Pillsbury missed their chance ... they could have bought the rights to that 1972 Donna Fargo record of the same name.

On second thought, maybe Donna turned 'em down ... while sipping on some Kool-Aid.

Nothing like getting the jump on Christmas ..... IN JUNE, right?

Interesting that OTR shows have now outlasted the vinyl LP's era.

Nothing says "1970s" like a Trimlite camera and flipflash!

Grant's loss =
Bargain Town's gain

[click for a larger view]

How different the Bicentennial might have been if George Washington and Thomas Jefferson had been able to talk to each other via CB radio.

Ahhhh, the '70s.   *yeeeeeeeeesh*

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