June 1966

For some reason, I keep thinking I hear Olaf the Snowman
singing in the background....

Here's a specimen I have of such "fashion", although it doesn't look too fashionable:

Speaking of car tags, does anyone have a 1965 Jefferson County - the year I was born - and does this awesomely generous soul have an overriding urge to gift it to Your Webmaster?   Hey, figure it can't hurt to ask, right?

We know it today
as "Diet 7UP"

Standard Oil of California (a/k/a Chevron), which had just bought Standard Oil of Kentucky (a/k/a "potbelly" Standard Oil sign), did not turn the other cheek when it came to Standard Oil of New Jersey (a/k/a ESSO, Humble, et al), and sued to stop them from using the ESSO trademark in their territory (since it was a phonetic spelling of Standard Oil's abbreviation, y'see).  Chevron prevailed.  So the ESSO signs came down, replaced with the similar-looking logo and sign of ENCO (a/k/a ENergy COmpany).

Soon ESSO/ENCO gave up, cried "Uncle!" and rebranded all of their stations under a new name: EXXON.

Here's a picture from circa 1967.  It's of a location on US 31 south of Alabaster, just before you picked up I-65.   A sign crew is raised to the tall ESSO sign, about to replace the two "S" squares with an "N" and a "C."    (Humble tried asking if they could buy a vowel from Chevron, but they only laughed, saying that Wheel of Fortune was a few years off.)

By the way, "Stay on 31."  The billboard said so. I-65 is the devil.

The kind of ad that makes your breath
come in short pants.

And from the "clipart is for reusing" department:

 Poor Dads.   Not only do we get the same old ties and other cliche'd gifts, but we also have a dearth of artwork to use in Father's Day advertisements.  Why didn't Bette Lee or Cousin Cliff do anything about it??