January 1976

What a friendly-sounding name.........

By golly, they were not going to let the Pizitz
Bake Shop go unchallenged!!

So, who do you think was the  "their" the
Captain was so coyly smalling?   Probably
Long John Silver's?  Maybe H. Salt?

Actually, the strip's 25th
anniversary was the previous October. Maybe they were letting Snoopy do the math.

Can't you hear the acoustic, folk guitar melody in your head as you read this?

By 1976, ABC had finally "made it", and Channel 6 was riding high.......

Get used to it ... the next six
months are going to be one huge
patriotic blur.

Pooh's official 1976 campaign song
 [mp3 file - 3.17 MB - length 2.46]

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