November 1975

Ahhhhh, but not to be outdone by "the old man of the malls",
the two new young punks try and take him on:

The DAC was still fighting that losing battle,
trying to convince folks that shopping downtown was just as much fun as those #$%&! malls out in the suburbs.

Of course, we now know that the spurned bird would eventually come back to roost at Rockefeller Plaza.

And all with only
three networks, too!

No one WANTED to believe their eyes if they saw Jerry Lewis
marching hand-in-hand with G.I. Joe and Mr. Potato Head.

Looks like "There's plenty of need to fear!" 

By 1975, Bargain Town had just about covered Alabama.    Of curious note is the address given here for the Troy store - it's not Montgomery Highway, but Montgomery Street.   Despite the name, it is not a road which leads to the capital city.

That building today has housed a fitness center for at least 20 years .... but as recently as the late '90s, a relic of Bargain Town still existed on the west wall: a rusted "parking for customers only" sign, with an image of Buckworth.   I was living in Troy at the time, and I wish I had the foresight to bring a crowbar under the cover of darkness.......... 

And so ends the long and cherished story of the W.T. Grant chain
and its Kmart-clone subsidiary, Grant City.   R.I.P.