November 1965


And all this while traffic on the major highways were still using downtown
streets to get through Birmingham (no freeways yet, don'cha know.)

Rolling Stones?   Never heard of 'em.

And speaking of Eastwood.........

Wow!   Open 'till 10 PM!    (seriously, that was a pretty big deal back in '65)

Thanks to a scrapbook that turned up in an Alabaster area antique
store, we are able to show at least portions of this year's
Enchanted Forest art in color!

This Travel Inn restaurant was a regular "meeting place" with my grandparents  some Saturdays when we lived behind the iron curtain in Mississippi, and Guin was about the halfway point between our house and Birmingham.   It was just lunch at a motel, but for me that couple of hours were like a mini-Christmas.  

The days when Buckworth was still
the one-armed man and had no name...

And the headache of your life trying to find out which station had your favorite NBC or CBS shows - 13 or 42??   Then hoping you'll be able to pick up a fringe signal of Channel 42, despite living next door to the transmitter.

(I can just hear the golden tones of Dick Breit on Saturday afternoon:
"Stay tuned for Unknown, next on Channel 13!")