October 1975

After 40 years, still one of the best book collections of
vintage Birmingham photos!  Find a copy if you can!

Clearly, just like with Marlin
Perkins' more well-known partner
Jim Fowler, Stan did all the dirty work
while the host stood from a safe distance to talk about insurance!

As late as the early 1980s, Pizitz was still
sniffing that "no self-respecting department store" would ever accept any credit card
other than its own house brand.

Say it with me:
"...matinee and
Econo-Hour daily!"

I've often asked myself these same questions when finding similar scenes along the back roads ... and I'm sure our pal Russell probably has, too.

Russell sez:  Yup!   (my vote is an old church.   The steeple could easily have been removed in a subsequent repurposing, i.e. for a community hall.)

On a national scale, this is a daytime schedule much beloved by game show fans.   1975 is viewed by many of us as the year the genre was at its peak.  Look at the schedule --
if you disregard Channel 6's flipping of the quirky Bob Eubanks- hosted Rhyme and Reason (which ABC aired at 1:30 p.m. CDT), every timeslot was occupied by at least one network game.   Daytime TV would never again be
this packed with game shows!

Some sources define "Uncle Croc's Block" (9:30 on Channel 6)
as the worst Saturday morning show of all time.  Naturally, I thought
it was hilarious for the few months it aired.   Says something
about my ideas of what was funny, I guess.

This was not the first time these glasses had been offered ...
and it wouldn't be the last, either.

With absolutely no offense to this gentleman -- whomever he is or was -- 
I don't know if I would've wanted to use those initials for a radio show,
even if they were mine.   Just saying.......

It only took them a little over 10 years for them to finish this one...

Might it be safe to assume these two
shows appealed to slightly different audiences?

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