September 1975

This is pretty much known as the dividing point between vintage packaging and present-day packaging....

I don't know about you fellers, but I never had much luck finding a girl who looked like that and was interested in wearing Popeye clothes.

A&P would last another four and a half years before leaving Birmingham for good (coincidentally, on the same day Loveman's went out of business).

If you aren't a follower of old-time radio, you can't possibly realize what a magnificent actor William Conrad really was.

The Gobbler is not as fondly remembered as the Golden Flake Clown ... but he does look like something Jim Henson or Sid & Marty Krofft might have come up with!

What "dollars" I'd give to find some recordings of
WAPI from back in the 1970s.   And 1960s.

Pretend it's September 1975, and you have to pick which of the new series (in yellow) will become TV icons and which ones will fizzle as soon as they air.   Not so easy to do without hindsight, IS IT?

The Brawny Man hasn't changed his look very much in the last 40 years.

If you like '70s clothes, you'll love this ad.
I don't.   But I'll browse the 8-tracks, instead.

We know you're wondering ... no, the Flying Pickle can't be found
in the Hollis Museum.