August 1975

 Since the "Flair Fi Fo Fum" brand of markers seems to be forgotten
today, we'll probably never know whether the green-haired giant
ever got a name.

If these two studios got into a cutthroat competition, would they put their little ballerinas into a pit and let them slug it out to the death?

I dunno.   I think I'd rather have Chick-Fil-A.    Besides, Krystal probably put onions in their fried chicken!!

The '80s in the mid '70s!

Trading stamps wouldn't die out completely for a few more years,
but they were definitely in ICU by this time.

If the artwork of Underdog, Mick Jagger, Snoopy and the Wizard of Id
didn't look any better than this, $3.50 was way too much to pay for it...

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