July 1975

Her TV show having ended a year earlier, it looks like she must have been needing some fast cash for doing endorsements!

True to form, notice that WBRC aired some shows in their scheduled time slots, delayed others to another, and apparently chose not to carry "Ryan's Hope" at all.

And Brookwood is where, at the age of 10, I had my very first Chick-Fil-A sandwich!

In case you've forgotten how the much-loved
old Okefenokee ride at Six Flags sounded,
you can hear a selection from its soundtrack
by clicking here.

 Unfortunately, many others made that "very savvy investment" with you ... resulting in the US 280 we all know and love!!

Yes, folks ... get ready to say goodbye to these outfits
until next Spring.  Waaahhh.

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