June 1975

Once Burger-Phillips became the first of
the old-line downtown stores to close, others would follow over the next several years like falling dominoes.

My first camera was much like this one.   Used 110 cartridge film, which wasn't too bad compared to those grainy prints from Kodak "Disc" cameras in the '80s.

The "flipflash" was stupid, though
Funny ... kids today could ask
the same thing!

Pizza fun back in our day.  Best of all, none of those @#$% animatronic beasts!!!

I would watch them in a boat,
I would watch them in a Ram,
I would watch them anywhere,
I would watch them, Six-I-Am

If you weren't old enough to be cognizant in 1975-76, you have no idea how tiresome the Bicentennial eventually became by the time it actually arrived.

 A new era in "local TV listings" begins with the addition of a
UHF channel that is primarily cable station.

Russell sez: I have my $3,000 video cassette recorder set up to record Channel 6 at 5:30, because seeing youth speak out in black and white is must-see TV!

Sure-fire elements for advertising:
banks, boats and bikinis!


If the address seems familiar, it's because this was the former Miller's discount store that went out of business back in March. 

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