March 1975

Obviously anything that had taken place
since 1950 was considered too "new" to
be a part of history in 1975.

Birthday #12, March 12, 1975 ... and the party theme was Wacky Packages!   If you don't remember those, it's because you weren't 12 years old in 1975.

This was the SECOND pilot for what became The Muppet Show the following year.  Again, no network was interested in picking it up as a series.

The Great Sign
... as I heave a great sigh!

Does anybody still have one of these Bibles as a family heirloom? (not to sound blasphemous, but the idea just sounds halfway amusing.  "Grandma, where did you get this old Bible?"   "At the grocery store.")

"The green" is born.  (But is my mind playing tricks on me,
or were the First Alabama signs originally orange?)

eHarmony and, meet your grandfather!

Another fun fact about Your Webmaster: My wife and I met in the late '90s via Yahoo*.   More than 14 years of marriage speaks for itself ... but back in the dark ages, it was easily blown off as being "an internet fling."
* - in this household, YAHOO stands for Your Amy's Heart Obtained Online  

And another discount store chain bites the dust.
It won't be the last.

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