April 1974

I'm not sure what looks more like a rabbit ...
the cake or Bugs Hollis here.
(Notice my red & white Snoopy wristwatch, which ... naturally ... you can now see in the museum.)

Anyone care to taKe a guess just which familiar discount store the "Roebuck Mart Cinema" was adjacent to?
(and did the honchos in Troy, Michigan
not take note of this??)

As you probably already know, these were what was left of the original G*E*S grocery departments.

American Graffiti was still packin' 'em in after nearly six months in town!

Byyyy MARX!!!

The debut of the SouthTrust "S"!

Even though Bruno's was still going strong, little brother Food World would soon be taking over Big Brother Bear's cave.

And on that delightful note, we'll see you next month.

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