March 1974

"It's everything you want it to be"

At my 10th birthday party, I staged a puppet show for a very small, but very cute, audience.   If only the girls had been this attentive to me after I got older.

No one with onion allergies need apply.

And it would be another five years before 65 would be finished around Hoover ... and two more until the broken link to Alabaster was opened (1981).

But whatever you do, drink the Tang first, THEN brush your teeth.    As bad as that vile stuff tasted, it was even worse if mixed with toothpaste.

Try your luck!
Don't be a cluck!

You'll go bacque, bacque, bacque, to Jacque, Jacque, Jacque's.....

But ... can Gloria Marshall guarantee that you'll still look like this forty years later?   (Although let's face it ... neither Five Points nor Eastwood look the same as they did in 1974, either.)

And now you know how MOTEL 6 got its name: Rooms for $6.60 a night.

But they did have a point about color TVs in a lot of motels back then.   Many were that bad.

    KinderCare started in Montgomery back in 1969.   The company still exists, but while they don't seem to be a whole lot remaining in this part of the country, there are still plenty of old locations serving other purposes ... many of which still have that iconic bell tower.  

Blank 8-tracks.    Blank cassettes ... in the three-pack.   While it was indeed a cheap way to "increase your tape library", most didn't survive to the '80s.

But $3.87-4.87 for LPs?    I'm in.

The less, ummm, controversial successor to The Frito Bandito.

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