April 1973

The real deal.  
I'll pass on that "Tang"
stuff, thank you.

One of the greatest TV Guide covers of all time!   Unfortunately, the accompanying article had a bunch  of "experts" explaining how bad all these shows were  for us.   Oh well, we're still around and the "experts" aren't, so nyahhhhhh.
Oh, bother.

Oh, breading.

This was an ill-fated attempt to reopen the long-closed Lyric Theater as a showplace
for vintage films.

(RIGHT)  I'm sure that "computer" filled half a room, and had a fraction of the power of today's smartphones ... if not less!

Children would much rather see the funny clown
than the scary clown, right?

Of course, we know Birmingham had a less expensive way of handling an old railroad station.

And another few inches' worth of I-20/59 is open to traffic!
Who says Birmingham freeway construction isn't on the ball??

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