March 1973

Oh boy, we're getting an ATM!   We will love him and pet him and squeeze him and name him ... William.  
Because "George" Teller just wouldn't have the same impact.


Whatever happened to the Annual Festival of Arts, anyway?!
Bah-b'b'bah, b'bah, b'BAAAAH....
"It's a lie, lie, you're telling a lie / I never know why, you don't know how / To tell the truth, truth, truth, truth..."

As the "Underdog" announcer
used to say, "Looks like this
is the end!"
A little tip of the hat to
our friends north of us.
Some of you might not have known that Winches had a stint at Huntsville's CBS affiliate prior to becoming part of "The 6 Family."

Kids who accompanied their Moms to this sale might not have realized they were standing where they had seen the Enchanted Forest just three months earlier!

Relax.  It's still 1973.  This is the BALLAD version of The Bee Gees.    It would be a couple more years before they started J-J-J-J-Jive Talking while taking swigs of the disco Kool-Aid.

The motels didn't quite get off the ground, but he had a number of other ventures, among them the Birmingham Stallions ... later he got tangled up in that little Savings & Loan mess back in the '80s.    
He lived quite a colorful life, including a diplomatic gig.

Bhamwiki has a thorough piece on Warner.


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