February 1972

As Winston County native Pat "Mr Haney" Buttram famously remarked about the CBS Rural Purge of the previous year, "They canceled everything with a tree."   I'm sure Mr. Buttram was delighted to see that Channel 13 transplanted 
some of that foliage into its 1972 afternoon schedule.

Turns out there weren't enough of her kind listening to make WAQY's bold experiment of an "all-women" format successful.  And that is no bull.

No, take that back -- it WOULD soon be a lot of just that.

That was some awfully pricey eating in 1972.

Tom York once (accurately) called Birmingham's dysfunctional freeway situation "The George C. Wallace Memorial Traffic Jam."

One of the forgotten discount stores.

(LEFT) Often I think about this classic Seuss cartoon whenever I ponder the gradual loss of locally-owned  merchants and, overall, "what used to be" in our society.

Remember "Libbyland" dinners?

I do.  I liked two out of three - the "Safari Supper" and "Pirate Picnic."  But the "Sundown Supper" was another matter.   Hamburger buns just don't do well from a frozen-to-thawed state.   After eating just one, I asked Mom for something softer, like a slice of fruitcake.   She finally got the hint after I threw the burger, shattering our dining room window.

For some crazed, feeble-minded reason, I sometimes have a craving for the strawberry-flavored milk.

PS - Was Mean Gene's last name Swanson, by chance??

If you lack any of these in your own collection, you'd best hurry -- Kroger wasn't long for this world in Birmingham!!