August 1978

And if your credit is good, you can drive one off the lot for an easily affordable 10.9% APR.
A&P's days were numbered in Birmingham.

Back when Penney's and Sears sold rekkids, too.  Each Elvis album had a coupon for a free jelly doughnut at Krispy-Kreme.

(For the love of all that's holy, ignore the "Sgt. Pepper" soundtrack album above.  Please.)

....and where are the inputs to connect a subwoofer, home theater, 
MP3 player, satellite radio or optical DVD audio?
What kind of deal is this???

No, wait.  Those radios could tune in WSGN, WERC, K-99, KICKS 106 and WENN.  Never mind.  I'm happy.

Hey, watch where you're pointing those collars! 
You could put an eye out in both Atlanta and Tupelo.

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