April 1977

It was a known fact that ABC ran their owned theaters on the cheap, but did Bessemer really deserve being forced to go without their B??

You're now hypnotized.  Repeat after me: "What in heaven's name was I thinking in the '70s?" 

Russell says: I'm as shocked as anyone, but I'm sure that one'll soon show up on e-Bay.

(RIGHT)"Crab, crab, crab" ... is that a restaurant special, or what many husbands say to themselves while tuning out their wives' nagging?
Something that's bothered me for many years: Why aren't there any dosage instructions on a bottle of ONE-A-DAY vitamins?

1977 was the year the first link of interstate in Birmingham connected with a rural segment.  I-59 was now open from Fairfield all the way to its ending in Georgia at I-24 south of Chattanooga. 

There's one Sambo's left.  And they're online.
Meanwhile, across the hall in radio  WAPI-AM was cashing in on the trend of using a single letter with frequency, just as K-99 did and as other stations in the state, such as Q-107 in Florence (WQLT) or Y-102 in Montgomery (WHHY).

But this whole naming scheme just sounded awkward for AM stations.

...but as strange as "I-107" sounded for an AM station, one certainly didn't know what to make of WVOK's brief usage of "OK-69"

Any further elaboration would put this site's family-friendliness at risk...

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