August 1976
Ahhhh, WOOLCO!  Woolworth's noble attempt at competing with Kmart and Zayre in their league.

People close to my age (41) may also recall the old K-TEL commercials, always tagged with the places one could buy their albums ... Woolco was a regular on that list, always said in a fast, staccato pace.  To this day I can only hear the word "Woolco" said in that style.

Woolco's slogan -- "We want to be your favorite store" -- sounds truly quaint nowadays.  Today, WAL-MART couldn't care less if they're your favorite store.  They know, in many places, they're the ONLY store.

If the time machine is set for 1976, and we're headed over to Sizzler for a three-buck steak, count me in.  I'm hungry. 

But please, don't make me wear 1976 clothes.


The Third Avenue Putt-Putt.  I couldn't begin to count the number of times my grandfather took me here during Summertime and other holiday visits to Birmingham in the '70s.   It even had the original neon Putt-Putt sign, with the animated ball. 

It's long gone today.  But one heart-wrenching reminder lives on: in the back of what used to be the parking lot, a small section of the old decorative fence remains, still in its orange and white color scheme.

08/07/2006 -- 1144 PM EDT

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