August 1966're welcome. 
I'm glad I could be of service.

  "Honey, please check the PUNCH and see what channel Star Trek's on."
"Channel 42."
"Wait.  I thought that was on 13."
"No, dear, 13's carrying Gomer Pyle." 
"This confuses me.  I feel sorry for you -- daytime TV must be a real doozy.  I wonder who carries Days of Our Lives?  What about Love of Life? 13 or 42?" 
"Channel 6." 
"6??  But they're ABC!" 
"Yeah, but they used to be CBS, remember?  They still have Love of Life."
"Oh, forget it!  When's Joe Langston comin' on?"

BATTLE OF THE BEACHES ... Cherokee vs. Holiday.  Heck, why not enjoy BOTH!

Skateboards were called "sidewalk surfboards" and what little girl in 1966 didn't covet a
"Betsy Wetsy" of her very own?   Ummmm, don't answer that.  Please.

"I've had it with you, Kirk!  I'm changing careers and starting a variety store chain.
It's far less stressful than working aboard a starship.  Beam THIS!"

That was such a terrier-able joke......

AUGUST 1966 was also a bittersweet milestone in Birmingham retail history.  On this date 40 years ago, the new east section of EASTWOOD MALL opened, including the mall's first anchor store, PIZITZ:

08/07/2006 -- 114 AM EDT