October 1974

Unfortunately, this was just the beginning of the end that would come two months later.   "Yipe!"

This, of course, was just before Billy Joel's star really took off.  ("Piano Man" was released late in '73, but was actually a minor hit -- it wouldn't become a classic until much later)

Because service to horror is
the best work of ghosts.

It must be getting later
than we think.

But don't forget the lights:

This, of course, is before Flo
went to work for Progressive.

Because who wouldn't want to eat a cookie with a sentient organism inside it?

Meanwhile, not to be outdone by that new two-story box along Shades Creek Parkway:

And it didn't last very long-le.

We wonder just how many Birmingham Americans shirts are still hanging in the backs of closets
throughout the metro area.

(Russell says: I had one.  Of course, it wasn't saved.   My parents, as some of you have guessed by now, were the polar opposite of Tim's, who saved erry'thang!)

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