October 1964


Ah, the good old days before the NEWS trashed all those negatives.

Notice the designation "Special 17" in the first panel ... that meant this was part of an "alternate" storyline Walt Kelly supplied to newspapers who were too afraid to run his "regular" storyline that was making fun of the current presidential election. 

Nice and wholesome family entertainment playin' at
The Showplace of The South!

Cynical Al Capp takes on the success of colleague Charles Schulz's "Happiness is a Warm Puppy" best-seller, which of course Capp found irritatingly cutesy.

History in the making!  Notice that Pizitz was gradually trying to get people accustomed to the switchover from the old 1950s logo to the new (and most familiar) one by using BOTH within the same ad!

If THIS doesn't make us ache for a time machine...........

Forget that lamo tiger ... besides, where do you think
oil came from, anyway???

Proofreader needed in Kmart's ad department!   How many of you ladies remember playing with your "Babbie" doll?   And would any sane parent give their child a toy listed as the "Real Hot Bake Oven"?

I've got something even scarier: people in 1964 being able to see 50 years into the future, at what kind of discount shopping "options" we now have.  

Or, in many smaller towns, option.