December 1973

In its grand tradition of mixing characters from assorted stories, you can see that the 1973 continuity combined Bambi and Thumper with the witch from Snow White, plus the delivery stork from Dumbo.

Original logo for Days Inn - the "8" in the sunburst referred to the price of a single room: $8.80 a night.

They indeed once sold gasoline at their motels.   The on-premises restaurant was called Tasty World.

Santa and Duracell team up to
give Iron Eyes Cody a run for
his wampum.

Who would think that a trash compactor ad could have such a great collection of 1973 packaging, in living color, yet?

Needless to say, Mrs. Lucas's kids had to deal with a lot of teasing when one of these was originally released ... and it wasn't Robin Hood, if you know what we mean.

It might be sort of interesting to know how many of these trees are still growing in Center Point 40 years later!

Why, yes, I have a charge.  
Each time I touch anything metal this time of year.........

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