June 1973

Where was the Hollis brat in June 1973?   Hanging out with some creepy-looking friends in Gulf Shores!  (Can you tell which one is Hollis and which ones are the creepy-looking friends?)

Meanwhile, what was the even brattier Wells up to 40 years ago?

Glad you asked:

I was hanging out with some waves at Sarasota on Lido Beach, and masking up for a little swimming pool fun at the Coquina Motel
(That's my grandmother behind me, by the way)

D's Captain promotion papers still had yet to be signed.

It's still running in some papers, and hasn't changed its jokes in 40 years.

This June 1973 TV GUIDE article eventually inspired the 2001 Hollis book Hi There, Boys & Girls!  America's Local Children's TV Programs, which is still available in case you haven't read it yet.

Why not?   It's not as if they have anything better to do, either.

Ha ha ha, yes, make jokes about how high gas is in 1973.   You'll be longing for those prices someday.

Let's hope someone gave
Karen something to eat while
she was here.

Interesting ... and probably unintentional ... juxtaposition between the Snuffy Smith gag and the ad that ran below it this week!

Okay, that's nice and simple.    Easy to remember.

Considering how cheap Zayre's ads often looked, how in the world did they afford such attractive models?

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