November 1972

It looks like someone gave Gilligan the job of figuring out how to abbreviate "Sergeant Jack."

Turkey for thanksgiving?    Awww, come on -- don't be like all the other sheeple!   Be bold.   Live a little.   Celebrate Thanksgiving with the Mr. D's Seafood Feast.   All the deep-fried goodness, greasy french fries, wilted cole slaw and "seafoof sauce" you can stand.   And so much breading you'll forget you're eating what purports to be seafood.   Uhhh, I mean seafoof.

So many things I could say about the drawing of Big Boy in this ad.   That is a disturbingly diabolical look on his face.

Sort of leaves the question open ... Amateur WHAT?

(LEFT)  This movie, about a different kind of "Mr. T", is long forgotten, as is Marvin Gaye's title song of the same name.  I love it, though -- it's a real masterpiece of early '70s soul.

ABC didn't bother with such tedium.  Instead, as you eat your Thanksgiving meal on metal TV trays, watch the usual offerings of Password and Split Second.

Rock and roll!    Well, except for Liza Minnelli.   (Santana's Caravanserai is one of their underrated efforts.   I like the album, especially "Song of the Wind")

"As God as my witness, I thought Santa could fly!"

And thus begins one of the most-asked questions in the history of fast food service:  "Original or Extra-Crispy?"

Oh, and The Good Colonel did not "discover" this way to cook chicken; he'd long ago sold his interest in Kentucky Fried Chicken.  By 1972 his role was confined mostly to commercials and guest appearances.

It's appropriate to put an ad for Spencer Gifts next to something that pertains to a zoo.....