July 1972

Talk about clairvoyant -- "Peanut" WOULD become our president in a few more years....
Meanwhile, the jocks of the other top-40 were sponsoring a wild counterculture band, much-beloved by critics and rock fans alike:

The Heywoods - with Bo Donaldson up front - would soon have the cringeworthy #1 hit "Billy Don't Be a Hero."

How many of you remember Bruno's own private label Duchess Dog Food, complete with the bear
on the label?

I don't know about you, but I don't remember a scene from the story in which the Wicked Witch hangs out her laundry. 

Better hurry ... less than two years left for 32 gasoline.

...and even brattier Wells never made it there to begin with.

And, when you call during off-peak hours, a three-minute phone call
is an easily affordable $5.00!

dear gawd........
Make the flashbacks stop.   Please, for the love of all that's holy!

Polyester double knit?   Everything bad about the '70s in one swath of "fabric."

Now this is quaint.   A motel manager not named Patel.

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