April 1972

(LEFT) Our chicken is made with a special blend of 10 herbs and spices (we're a "dime store", remember?), and cooked by a corporal.   We don't have the budget for an officer, so we proudly use lower-ranked men for the job.

Ahhhh, for the days when "middle of the road" truly meant something.  I'll ask again, although I'm sure it's in vain: Is there ANYONE who has tape of this great station from back then??

See ... if you don't like our new plant best.

Alexander City, huh?   Oddly enough, today that county (Tallapoosa) is in the Montgomery-Selma DMA.

Wonder if Miss McDaniel was a double agent, also representing WSFA-TV 12 in Montgomery?   In which case, she'd have been Miss Channel 12-1/2.

Tip your server, people.   And try the prime rib ... it's great with Dale's sauce.

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