January 1972
Laugh.  Because it hurts to cry.

In the end, it was 
just a lot of baloney.

Just imagine how one of 
these could confuse a 
collectibles dealer in 2012!

I have a DVD.   Never mind.   You didn't read that.

I didn't say anything.  Honest.

Moving right along....

Wonder if Food Giant had those hideous pastries Kellogg's offered for a 
short while that looked like "Pop Tarts" after a bad acid trip:

No, they weren't.

From the "What were they smoking??!!" department:

CUSTOMER 1: "Uhhh, what's with this cheeseburger?  The meat patty is coated in what looks like an inch of greasy, salty breading!"
CUSTOMER 2: "Excuse me ... but my fish & chips dinner has grill marks on the fish pieces, and is covered with mustard, ketchup and mayo."

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