January 1962

If you had enough Green Stamps, could you 
buy a Chevrolet to see the U.S.A.?

They left out one feature of this "space ship":
* coated in lots of potato chip grease.
That is all.
LEFT: You reckon it'll be worth that kind
of money?

Interesting how, by 1962, they were still being referred to as "Color Cartoons."   And what about that Poop Deck Pirate fella?  Was he some cheap "Popeye" knock-off?

Ya say ya wish ya could see color film footage of Debbie's visit to WAPI-TV? 
Tell ya what we're gonna do....

For how to do it right, I gladly defer 
to our friends and colleagues at 
Huntsville Rewound.  :-)

And did you notice how all three of these Holiday Inns (downtown, Irondale and Hoover) were adjacent to interstates?  "What interstates??!!", you yell back at the monitor, "There were no interstates in Birmingham in 1962!!!"   Indeed, there weren't.  Crazy coincidence, yes?

No, sir!  That was no accident.  The planned alignments for 65, 20 and 59 were already decided by 1962.  And Holiday Inn knew them.   Kemmons Wilson was a very forward-thinking and shrewd businessman.