October 1971

Auburn fans, scroll down a few inches.  You've been warned.

(I wonder if the watchband was in a houndstooth pattern?)
Appropriately enough, "5:00" falls right in the middle of Happy Hour!

That top ad was in 
a "Dimension" all its own!

Model City Television, long before that crazy idea about collapsing both it and Tuscaloosa into the Birmingham "Designated Market Area."

Forget all your "cares" -- enjoy a wunnerful hour of TV:
RIGHT:I'll spare you my usual snarky comments about the breading ...this time.

Bezidez, I'm too buzy laughing at the (huge) typo in thiz ad --->

Birmingham viewers were still getting used to the concept of 
all the shows of a given network airing on one channel...

Now, pour yourself a bowl of "Quisp" and/or "Quake"
(and YES, Darryl H., they DID have both cereals in Birmingham!)

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