April 1971
Pour a bowl of Quisp or Quake, and park yourself in front of the telly:

And, lest you think that Russell person didn't save anything ... I give you Yours Truly as he appeared Easter 1971, all decked out in Sears finery.  This was at our house in Madison, Ala., at the corner of Meadow Drive and Monte Vista Dr.  (Address was 142 Meadow Drive, in case anyone's keeping track)

"I just adore a penthouse view ... dahling I love you, but give me Park Avenue" --Lisa Douglas

"Syndication tastes great with Geritol as a chaser!" --Lawrence Welk

Lots of good 
movies in 1971!
(And, yeah, a couple of bombs.)

The Webmaster had the pleasure of attending one of the 1971 Ringling performances in Birmingham.

But if you preferred your signage red:

Fun Fact: the Webmaster's Buster Browns all came from Sike's Childrens Shoes in Homewood.
Good to know they're still going strong!

You deserve a turkey today?

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