January 1970

11:00 a.m.: Jeopardy! is listed as a serial.  Hmmm... "Will Gladys wager all her earnings on Final Jeopardy?  Will her husband forgive her for doing so?  And will the children want to eat Rice-A-Roni for supper every night for the next five years?  Tune in and find out on As The Daily Double Turns!"

"Aunt Beka's Bible Stories" (8:45 a.m. on WBMG) was the forerunner of today's "A. Beka" curriculum that is the standard in many private Christian schools.

It's sort of amazing to see that Stepin' Fetchit was still making personal appearances in 1970.

So it IS a pageant!  They love to deny and obscure that fact in Pike County (where I used to live).  Newspaper articles in Troy always say "It's not a pageant." 

McDonald's had decided to go after the sizeable market of people who did not eat meat on Fridays, but Jack's had been beating them to it for 10 years.
Quite the variety of movies to choose from in '70:

Watch for the February update on REWOUND on our 40th anniversary salute to Western Hills Mall!

Those of us in our early to mid 40s might remember the Captain's  commercials, and the jingle which played from an oversized Colgate box: "Colgate's fluoride M-F-P / Helps prevent the cavities / 
And it tastes great naturally!"

Wonder if afterward they celebrated over soft drinks. 
Lessee ... Coke, Pepsi, or -- ??

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