June 1967
Cheeri-Aid?  Just what in hades is that supposed to be?? 

I get a repulsive image in my mind of a box of "Cheerios" being mixed in with a gallon or so of cherry "Kool-Aid."

But no - Cheeri-Aid was A&P's version of carpet-staining flavored drink mixes.  Cheaper than Kool-Aid, and without that smug face on the pitcher.  But wait ... look closer ... and you just might see a grimacing Jane Parker staring back at you through those ice cubes.

(Jane was a bit jealous because Ann Page was getting all the attention here.  Jane never had any children, and, quite frankly, she took it out on nice, sweet Ann.  Was it Ann's fault that A&P chose Ann Page for the Kool-Aid?  The truth was, Jane Parker's attitude was beginning to cause some trouble in the happy A&P family.  After a negative performance review, she was downgraded to having her name put on ramen noodles and kitty litter.)

Unfortunately, Jane, Ann and sweet Cheeri-Aid Kid were oblivious to a disturbing wind that was beginning to roar down the idyllic residential street where they all lived.

It was called competition.  And it was bearing down on both Page and Parker households.

"Bear"-ing.  Lord have mercy, I slay myself sometimes....

Is the woman aiming her cannon toward Kroger's "high" prices?  Or has this grocery war gone too far?  ("Die, Jane Parker!  'We' got your 'Care' right HERE!   And Bruno, you stay out of this -- you wanna end up bear meat??!!")
Close, but no Frammishlocker.  The correct call letters were WMSL-TV ... it stood for (M)utual (S)avings (L)ife, an insurance company headquartered in Decatur which founded WMSL radio (AM 1400) some years before. 

What Benny Carle was referring to was WMSL's forthcoming upgrade in its facility ... and it was substantial; the station did more than increase its power and add color: they also changed cities ... and channels

On December 6, 1968, WMSL-TV signed off in black and white on channel 23 in Decatur ... and the next day signed on in living color on channel 48 in Huntsville!  Today, 48 is known as WAFF(I must say the good Mr. Carle was a bit optimistic about 48 reaching Birmingham; even with a million-plus watts, a UHF can hardly match a VHF in coverage, particularly those on the upper channels, and ESPECIALLY taking north Alabama's terrain into consideration!). 

Oh, for the days when breakfast cereals could actually use the word "SUGAR" in their names and nobody batted an eye (especially the dentists, who laughed all the way to the bank).

Chef Boy-Ar-Dee, meet your match: 
Chef Cloud-Twen-Tee-One

The Good Guys delivered a fantastic rock 'n' roll bill in June '67!

"Wake up, Jack, you're having a terrible dream!!"
"I'LL say.  Hoo boy, I dreamt that McDonald's was making a big push here in Birmingham.  It was AWFUL.  That stupid clown was terrorizing all of my hamburger stands!"

"Umm, dear?  Maybe you'd better not look at the Post-Herald.  I'll go make your coffee."

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