November 1966
"Me and You and a Baby Named Boo"

BABY MAGIC: She sleeps, she cries, she pulls rabbits out of her bonnet,
and under the cover of darkness she saws your other dolls in half.
Magic wand sold separately.

Now here's something we hope you'll really like:

That's why people all over town say "If you don't like bargains, you're all wet!"

Baby Teenie Talk is challenging Baby Magic above to a game of CONCENTRATION. "Number 12 ... and Number 30 to match the aquamarine flatware set."
"Gawwwwwlee, Hoss, I'll have another drink."

What this ad REALLY means to say is, "We pick the best of both NBC and CBS and let that two-bit UHF over on Golden Crest Drive have the table scraps, muuWAH-hahahahaaa!"

I'll bet Rockin' Dave Roddy sounded great on that Audition 14-transistor portable, too.  "Birmingham, here it is!  It's number 1-1-1-1 ... 1-1-1-1 ... 1-1-1-1 ... Ooooone!"

My grandfather had one of those "Penncraft" radial saws, and it lasted for many years.

Still, it never seemed right to buy tools and other hardline items at a place like JCPenney ... 

Kroger was a big player in Birmingham until about 1971.  Today it's going strong elsewhere,
and after all these years Kroger continues to use this same logo.  Hey, if it ain't broken .... 

11/10/2006 -- 120 AM EST

Shall we move along?