February 1966
Color TV is now rectangular!!*
* = unless you're on a budget, in which case you can still buy a round-screen set.   Or you can just stick to lively black & white!
Better be careful with this, since Uncle Walt will
be dead in 10 months.

It was a good soft drink - I miss it.

Would YOU let a nurse with an
evil expression like this get anywhere near you with a hypodermic needle?

Unless it involves a used Ford on our lot, in which case we've probably sabotaged it.  (At the same time, across the street at the Ford "A-1" used car lot, they just got finished with similar "prep"
work on a creampuff of a '62 Impala!)

Next, just for comparison, we need to get a gander at Miss Burger, if she's not in too much of a hurry.

Click for a larger view.   Lots to look at here.   Oh, to go back in time so I can listen to Monitor on the weekend, with its great music, features and personalities (like Gene Rayburn, Burt Parks, Henry Morgan, Jim Lowe and others)