September 1964

But did they know people would be reading this page in 50 years on an Internet web site devoted to Birmingham nostalgia?

Funny, but true: This portion of I-65 was still incomplete as of the time I was born (Feb. 1965), and my Dad back then was something of a wild man behind the wheel.   He'd circumvent whatever barricades were placed, and drive on unfinished highways.   Well, one time driving back from Birmingham toward our home in Madison, Dad did an end-run around these devices you see here.  As of the Spring of '65, most all the pavement was in place.   However, our young family encountered a small problem in sight of the US 31 exit at Lacon: an overpass which hadn't had its pavement connected yet!!   Dad had to turn around in the median.   A most unamused Mom got out, holding my infant self while Dad worked his magic.   We all had to double back to Cullman and get on 31 north.

1964: those were the days.......


That's a rather amusing logo for Channel 6.  

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