February 1963

Checks .... hmmmm, I've about forgotten what those are.    Something like Pay to the Memo of & NO/100 ... eh ... anyway, checks.   Such a quaint notion.

Kidding aside, I don't think my 21-year-old son has ever written a paper check before in his life!

Just don't count on still having one of those job options 50 years later.

So ... why would "Dixieland's Flavor Favorite" be from somewhere up north?!

And not a single Patel in the above management lineup.
.....man, this really IS a long time ago!

Something tells me Dinah Shore wasn't all that fond of a certain "grocery grizzly":

Bruno's seemed to be the odd one out, but A&P had their own version: Plaid Stamps.  
Top Value and S&H were the two big names, and Plaid soon knew when they were licked.

[Good luck hitting me with that tomato, I'm six hours away in Georgia.]

Looks like the beginning of the Hollis Museum ... a month before Hollis was born!

Wow, it seems both Birmingham papers once had parts of northeast Mississippi in their circulation area!   That was not true as of the 1970s; the only newspapers available in Tupelo were the local daily, and those from Memphis and Jackson.   Believe me, as a kid I paid attention to stuff like that.