September 1962

10 years, and another name later (Enco - ENergy COmpany), the "Happy Motoring" slogan would be associated with a completely different brand and logo.

A Webmaster's house divided.   (My wife is from Georgia, and roots accordingly).
Best of all, no decision to make.   Just one kind of chicken: ORIGINAL!

Yeah, that about nailed it.

My college-age son practically lives on the microwave "Easy Mac" stuff.    Imagine, the bane of college students circa 1962 (my parents, for instance), having to actually make some mac & cheese out of a box!!

Being serious, I now have the answer to something that's puzzled me for years: the macaroni & cheese has on the label "Kraft dinners" ... implying more than one.   Obviously there used to be at least two others (neither of which I've ever spotted in a present-day grocery store!).

"Blitz" sounds much better than, say, "OK Tires' big BLOWOUT SALE!!!"

And two -- Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar and Suspense -- were still on the air as of this month, but at the very end -- September 30, 1962 -- both were canceled by CBS.   That night is considered by most 'broadcast geeks' like myself as the true end of the so-called 'golden age of radio.'