March 1956

For some reason, they failed to mention texting while driving,
but most of these other problems are still with us 60 years later.

Happy 66th birthday, Debbie, wherever you are!

Farewell to one of the best comedy icons, ever....

Yes, Birmingham WOULD eventually get Cinerama, but not until practically everyone
else had given up on it.

Dance wars!!   Arthur Murray said, "But, but,   binding contracts and sweltering studios BUILD CHARACTER.  And people love our expensive, incomplete program with a lack of parking.   

If these, and then the microwave, hadn't been invented, some of us would have starved to death by now.

Russell sez
: since when is "luscious" ever used to describe a TV dinner?  And to think this was before the grotesque muffin-like dessert thing which occupies the top middle compartment.   Windows have been broken with those things; the best Claxton, Ga. fruitcake is no match!

"Here's the Easter Rabbit, hoo-raaay, the happy Easter Rabbit, hoo-raaay!"

But not just bunnies, here's the Easter Goose....

Why an airplane?   Geese fly, don't they?