June 1954

 Maybe if you closed the door and turned off your
RCA "Space King" range, you'd sleep even cooler.......

Jane Parker once had respect around The Great Atlantic & Pacific.  Then she developed a huge ego trip and tried taking over her rival, Ann Page.   A "Save Ann" campaign took root by her fans, and it marked the beginning of the end for Miz Jane, her fortunes cooling faster than a cup of "Eight O'Clock Coffee" at five in the afternoon.  

And of course, CBS would move to WBRC.   Birmingham's network
musical chairs begins!

Every time Pinocchio tells a lie, you know what happens.  (I think some people I know in Atlanta had better not turn to the west!)

Maybe Popeye will hang around long enough to show up and take on the "weird brutes."   Better carry a can of spinach'k just in case he forgets his.

If I were ever to get married, I'd certainly choose to have a Howdy Doody wedding cake ... which no doubt explains WHY I'll never get married.