December 1950

Yet another cartoon that would fit in nicely 
on the op-ed page in 2010.

Add this to the many other eateries claiming to be "The South's Finest."  It brings to mind an old cartoon in Mad magazine years ago - a strip of storefront pizza restaurants ... "Best pizza in town", "Best pizza in the state", "World's Best Pizza." - and the last one, with a line outside, reading "Best Pizza on the block!"

I fold ... I've got a pair of Jane Parkers ... that's no match for your Ann Page four-of-a-kind.  Besides, 
it's 8:00 - time for a coffee break.

Decades later, Mr. Bingle lives on, as a cog in the Dillard's machine.

Mr. Bingle has a website
... and -- would you believe -- 
a Facebook page?

Is that cool, or what!

You're not foolin' us, Bingle ... we know what you're a-lookin' at, and it ain't the lady's shoes!

Are we comparing Da Wabbit to the live Stooges, or the (pathetic) animated version from the '60s?

Hey Mom!  This margarine has "Flavor Guardian" ... I don't know what that is, but it sounds important.  You'd better get this for Johnny and Susie, elsein' you're being a neglectful parent, at best.  Feeding butter to the chirrens is just plain abusive.

(And since when did the 1950 housewife not care about saving money?)