September 1948

(...or also, in the case of pigs, countless BBQ joints)

The LP record represented a quantum leap toward "high fidelity", which the 78s could not come close to reproducing.  The LP was a boon for classical music lovers; no longer did a symphony have to be chopped into 3-minute sides.  Did you know the origin of the word "album" was rooted in the 78 RPM era, where each 'track' was on a side of a record, in a paper sleeve bound in ... an album!

(The 78 remained the medium of "single records" for several more years, before RCA - not to be outdone by CBS - trotted out the 45 RPM record.)

....some of you might not know that the word Laundromat was/is a registered trademark.  Like Band-Aid, Xerox or i-Pod, it grew to become a de facto "common name", regardless of brand.

When I'm in the market for a home movie projector, the first place I think of is a jewelry store

 "Every Flick Begins With Kay"

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